How ERLEADA® works

See how ERLEADA® + ADT fight prostate cancer together

Androgens can fuel cancer growth.

  • Androgens are male hormones, primarily testosterone, that are needed for the prostate to function normally.
  • However, when androgens attach to androgen receptors, they can help fuel prostate cancer cell growth.

The goal of ADT is to lower testosterone levels, but in certain cases, the cancer adapts.

  • Medical or surgical treatments that lower testosterone are also referred to as androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). ADT includes treatment to suppress or block the production or action of male hormones called androgens, primarily testosterone.
  • While ADT is often effective, in certain men prostate cancer adapts to low levels of androgens.

ERLEADA® works differently than ADT.

  • ERLEADA® blocks androgens from attaching to receptors to help prevent cancer cells from growing.
  • ERLEADA®, an approved androgen receptor inhibitor, is the first prescription medicine for men with nmCRPC.

ERLEADA® + ADT: working together to lower androgens that can help fuel the prostate cancer.

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