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Talking to Your Doctor | ERLEADA® (apalutamide)

Talking to Your Doctor

Prostate cancer patient from ERLEADA® (apalutamide) commercial


I’m doing it.

Talking to your doctor about ERLEADA®


Always remember that your healthcare team should be your main source of treatment direction and information. You should have an open and honest conversation with them.

Here are some questions to help get you started:

  1. Can you explain why my prostate cancer has advanced?
  2. Is ERLEADA® right for me?

    Could I benefit by taking ERLEADA® now in addition to taking ADT?

  3. Could ERLEADA® help delay my type of prostate cancer from spreading?
  4. What Important Safety Information should I know about?

    Can you explain the potential side effects?

  5. Do I qualify for the $0-a-month savings program?

    What financial assistance is available to help me pay for my prescription?

Helpful Information and Resources

Patient and doctor during office visit discussing ERLEADA® (apalutamide)

Doctor Discussion Guide

Contains questions to help start a conversation with your doctor.


Boxing coach with prostate cancer from ERLEADA® (apalutamide) commercial ringside

ERLEADA® Patient Brochure

Contains important information about mCSPC, nmCRPC, and ERLEADA®.