Getting ERLEADA®

Once you and your doctor have decided ERLEADA® is right for you

Your ERLEADA® prescription will not be filled at your local retail pharmacy. If your doctor’s office has its own pharmacy, they can fill your prescription and you can pick it up there.

Otherwise, your doctor will send your prescription to a specialty pharmacy. A specialty pharmacy fills prescriptions for certain medicines that are not available at regular pharmacies.

Here’s what will happen:

1. Your doctor orders ERLEADA®

  • Your doctor’s office will let the specialty pharmacy know that you have been prescribed ERLEADA®
  • Download a list of specialty pharmacies that distribute ERLEADA®

2. Wait for a call from the specialty pharmacy

  • The specialty pharmacy will call you to arrange delivery of your ERLEADA®. Make sure you return their call so that you receive your medicine on time. (You may want to ask your doctor’s office for the specialty pharmacy’s number so that you recognize it when they call).
  • If you don’t hear from the specialty pharmacy in a few days, call your doctor’s office

3. Receive your ERLEADA®

  • Your ERLEADA® will be delivered right to your home in about 2 weeks

Resources and Information

ERLEADA® Patient Brochure

Contains important information about nmCRPC and ERLEADA®.

Download the Brochure

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